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Retirement Plan Service

Disciplined Financial Services offers a service to retirement plan participants (e.g., 401-k or 403-b plans) that provides the following:

  1.  Identifies the overall trend of the market (are we in a bull market or a bear market?)
  2.  If we're still in a bull market, then we identify the best investment choices within your default menu of selections and keep you invested for the quarter
  3.  If we're in a bear market ("there's a train coming down the track"), then we get you out of the way (out of the market) in order to preserve your retirement plan assets
  4.  Repeat the same analysis every calendar quarter

Our quarterly deliverables include explicit instructions as to what you need to do - including which investments should be purchased, which should be sold, and which can be retained during the quarter.  At the start of each subsequent calendar quarter, we'll perform the same analysis again from scratch and then provide you with all necessary instructions.

The Hard Truth . . .

. . . Is that most investors really don't want to make investment management decisions when it comes to their retirement assets or other "serious" investment assets.  The reasons vary but many people cite:

  • No Time to watch the investments
  • No Access to investment management tools that help to identify areas of stock market underperformance and outperformance - WHAT TO BUY
  • No Game Plan to preserve principal in the early stages of a stock market decline - WHEN TO SELL

Our Retirement Plan Service is meant to provide the solution so that your 401-k doesn't turn into a "201-k."