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Our Mission Statement

We pledge to provide you, to the best of our ability, with advice and guidance from a Christian perspective.  We combine those values with an investment strategy that could meaningfully enhance your financial security.

We really mean that.

Our objective is for you to attain the financial goals that you have set for yourself and your family within your time horizon and your specific risk tolerance.

We do this by listening carefully, and then implementing a process that seeks to take full advantage of bull market cycles - and getting "out of the way" when the inevitable bear market follows.  Our quantative tools include relative strength analysis to find the very best investments (usually ETFs and, where necessary, mutual funds) while minimizing losses by utilizing stop-loss calculations.

We emphatically do not believe in "buy and hold" (which typically ends in "buy and fold") nor do we believe in "asset allocation" as typically practiced by most investment advisers.

We also believe that "Modern Portfolio Theory" does not provide a workable solution in spite of what academics and brokerage firms would have you beliieve.  (For proof, just look at what happend in 2007-2009.)

We invite you to experience our truly unique approach and test us on this.