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Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is simple: We believe that all investors - whether individual or institutional - should utilize the benefits of relative strength analysis combined with a risk-management strategy.

Specifically, there should be a process in place that, in bull markets, identifies the strongest asset classes in which to invest (while avoiding the weakest).  Then, during the inevitable bear market that follows, there especially should be a process in place that seeks to avoid or eliminate those asset classes that are failing.  Moving to near 100% cash should also be an option during those bear markets.  (For those investors that are more aggressive, moving into "inverse ETFs" could be a way to potentially profit in bear markets.)

We specialize in identifying those asset classes that are performing well during bull markets and identifying those asset classes that need to be avoided during the inevitable bear markets that follow.

We do not make predictions of any kind.  Nor do we believe any of the many market prognosticators and "experts" that constantly appear in the press or on TV.

Our quantative analysis methods simply identify those asset classes, sectors and industries that are currently the strongest while utilizing certain strategies to minimize the inevitable "missfires".

Our methods can also be applied to an IRA, 403(b), 401(k), endowments and pension plans.

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We'll explain exactly how to implement our quantative analysis into your investment portfolio.